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Students Testimonials

Students Testimonial.

Ghenwa Hayek - Beirut, Lebanon

Clinical psychologist at Scorehub

My experience in Scorehub has been interesting as a psychologist, but more importantly, as a person. Scorehub has given me the opportunity to practice my clinical psychology skills in an innovative and untraditional way. In addition to that, Scorehub has taught me a lot about business and has improved ..

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Dana Haydar - Beirut, Lebanon

Science and Math Tutor at Scorehub

My work experience at scorehub increased my self-understanding, maturity, independence and self-confidence as the institution gave me the space to grow in my field and gave me the liberty of designing my lessons with the help of both coordinators and psychologist. ..

M., Beirut - Lebanon


"I was Impressed by the tutor-student relationship and the focus put on the child’s personality and preferences in ways of studying.” ..

S., Saudi Arabia


"What I liked most about Scorehub’s approach is the futuristic aspect of it. They use a digital board, not only for videos or games but also for entire lessons. Children can do exercises and correct them on the board. It is truly amazing...” ..

L., Beirut - Lebanon


"The skills are taught in a very fun way, through activities, songs, projects, etc. This is very efficient as my kid hates writing, he learned a lot while having fun” ..

A., Beirut - Lebanon


“As a parent who cares a lot about mental health, I was surprised that Scorehub is one of the few centers in Lebanon to actually take into consideration the psycho-social aspect of students. Their assessment has a psychological part with the center’s psychologist. They even have sessions related ..

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